Monday, February 13, 2012

Are you Protesters or Livestock?

They are laughing at you, because there's a fine line. They think you're livestock. Are they wrong?

You are standing outside the government building with your group, everyone so tame. Inside they smirk, ridicule and laugh. Because while you are satisfying yourself you are "participating" they are still working to enslave you. And they are getting better at it, every day.

In my town, they tell us where to protest. They call it the Peace Corner. The intersection of 192 and Hollywood: out near the Melbourne Square Mall.

And we comply. When we really should be out in front of GE who pays nothing in taxes, or the doors of the companies which produce predator drones, and smart bombs. The ones the vast corporate machine wants to turn into defacto religious organizations by way of removing all taxes! All taxes! All....taxes! Better we should worship at their door, prostrate in robes.

But no. Same old protest. Same old crowd. Same old bar afterwards. Same old meetings. Same old talk.

We can't do that now. We can't just give ourselves a pat on the back and an 'completion of participation' award. We can't be satisfied to just pay our $15 and get a picture with Alan Grayson. (BTW he's nuts if he thinks they will let him back into congress when they control the voting machines. Nuts!)

I'm guilty. I raise my hand. I get up at county commissions and I am so damned nice. I abide by their rules. And they sit there with their fish faces and go to sleep.

This has to get more creative. We have to attack the heart of these issues.

Don't take this wrong. There is nothing in the world like this picture here. This picture is worth 10,000 words. Why? See the sign in back? Here Rick was going for his roll out of Ricky 2.0. Here he was rolling out his new, all-inclusive image for mass consumption.

And there are the Pink Slip Rick folks to rain on his parade. Truly a major moment in American politics. You all are making history. Fact.

But you have to make it faster. Your bludgeon has to become a razor. And you can't let major parties, unions, or people just in it for a buck side-track you. Even me. Yes, I am selling a book. Every bit as worthwhile as a bumper sticker if not more so.

The mission is to get rid of this clown. Get him out of the mansion before he and his junta of  fake-Christian corporate goons destroy this state. Before they become so brazen at stealing elections, they steal 2012. And if they can get away with it, they will.

Think of our former outrage at issues which now have simply vanished. And we let it happen.

The email issue. His administration deleted perhaps thousands of individual email records. Each deletion is a direct violation of our laws. Allegedly, it was turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Allegedly, the FLDE, though directed by an executive-appointed cabinet member, was going to be impartial. Was going to get to the bottom of all this immediately. Well? Where is that? Are we such livestock we can't even remember what we were so angry about just a few short months ago?

Or do you fantasize the investigation was actually, covertly turned over to the FBI? Good luck with that. Have you filed even a single complaint? Have you filed your own complaint to the Florida Commission of Ethics on this issue? Is that not the first order of business before you buy the T-shirt and the bumper sticker?

Consider this; if it can be proved he deliberately destroyed thousands of public records, he can be removed from office. Now, wouldn't that feel better than standing there outside the mall with your T-shirt on? Actually seeing to the removal of this guy? Isn't that something we should be focusing on? No? Not so much?

I never hear about this issue any more. Hush children. Hush.

What about this issue? What about 38,000 early voted ballots erased on election night in Hillsborough: a county with a history of weird - likely hacked, stolen, rigged elections? Why is that ignored by you, by the media?

Are you such livestock you cannot connect the dots? Emails missing. Emails pertaining to the hiring of one Kurt Browning, our former secretary of state as of this Friday, among those. Browning quits as soon as someone, namely me, begins asking serious questions about the election rigged in Hillsborough. And Hillsborough won't produce one shred of documentation about what happened on election night. Can't you connect the dots?

I am the only one, me, my stupid ass, appearing before the Hillsborough County Commission demanding something in writing to give us an explanation about this botched election. Me. And my book.

I know the media knows about this issue. I know they get my emails. I emailed Adam Smith, editor at Tampa Bay Times about this issue: this photo, I'd like to use on the cover of my book!

The response was instantaneous. But when I sent a follow up a few days later, and then again, asking about the irregularities in the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections and the (possibly) rigged election of 2010, and the fact there has been no report on the glitch, I get dead silence in return. Despite the fact, most of the information I gathered about this issue, came from his reporters! From his paper, when it was called The St. Pete Times!

What is that?

The democratic party, so too. The unions as well. It can be argued that Rick Scott is the best thing to happen for the health of both organizations in a long, long while. Both groups have millions at their disposal. They can't find the money to hire some lawyers to look into these issues that very well could remove the governor?

Why? Because actually getting rid of a governor who doesn't deserve to be there, would be like killing the golden goose?

You think about that the next time someone hands you a T-shirt, a bumper sticker, a sign with words on it you haven't read yet, tells you where to stand, what to say, and curiously, when to leave.

It's a fair point. You have to stop thinking like livestock and start thinking, outside the box. Now more than ever.

And if you don't buy the definitive book on this governor, what he is doing to this state, then perhaps you're not a protester, your just out there, having a good time unconcerned about what's really going on here.

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