Wednesday, November 14, 2012

State Elections Chief Won't Answer Hard Questions

Drury doesn't like to answer tough questions
This evening I stood in front of David Drury, chief of voter systems certification, for the Florida Division of Elections and asked these questions, with the St. Lucie Supervisor of Elections attempting to run interference for him.

Q: "What do you hope to achieve here?"

A: "We are here trying to understand what has happened here,"

Q: "Is there to be an audit of this election?"

A: "I'll have a team here."

(Let's call that a 'yes')

Q: "What makes this election different from the election in Hillsborough County  in 2010 where the same error, was reported on the same type of machines, resulting in the same memory card failure?"

A: "There is no answer on that."

Q: "Was there any contact between your office and Kurt Browning between the time he retired April , 2010 and when he was re-hired by Rick Scott in January 2011?

A: "I have no answer," he said.

He has no answer. Listen, if I was ever asked a question like that - dripping with accusation - I'd have an answer to it. Mine would sound something like this, "what the hell are you implying with that question?"

It's obvious of course: I am implying that Kurt Browning was handed his job, after a fake retirement, enabling him quid pro quo to "double dip" take his salary and his pension owing to the Florida Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). During which time of said fake retirement, he had method, motive and opportunity to work through Drury, to tip the scales in favor of Rick Scott, who then hired him back.

Back to the question I asked him concerning the Hillsborough race, which essentially is a carbon copy error of the one taking place in St. Lucie County. Same machines; memory cards won't upload, resulted in a rescanning of tens of thousands of ballots, perhaps as high as 26,400. During that rescanning all this uncertainty entered into the picture. The numbers given to me by the chairman of the county commission paint an appalling picture of lack of control.

As said I asked him what makes THIS race, more worthy of due diligence and scrutiny than the one in 2010 during the election of Rick Scott? And the answer?

'There is no answer to that."

What makes me so suspicious of Drury?

He was on hand during Florida's 13 Congressional recount in Sarasota in 2006. He seemed intent on prosecuting and audit during the recount - confusing the matter - while at the same time, intent upon protecting the vendor, ESandS voting machines maker of the iVotronics touch screen voting machine; a system touted by former Sec. of State Browning to (in paper-trail-less fashion) "solve" the manufactured tragedy of "hanging chads" from the 2000 election.

The Sarasota election was decided as a matter of 369 votes for Buchanan thanks to Drury and Kathy Dent, supervisor of elections. These two, Dent repeatedly feigning incompetence (in my opinion), and Drury doing whatever the hell it is he does behind the scenes, and both (in my opinion) carried the day in a partisan fashion for Buchanan - late voted one of congresses most corrupt, by Crew Most Corrupt.

 "The department of state has requested we include the vendor as well..." hope you caught that, not only that, the fact Dent had her husband draft the letter, which served to protect the vendor but not the voters.

The videos which begin here (LINK) were produced by LA comedian and election integrity champion, Jeannie Dean. Dean was then living in Florida.

Please watch them all and see what we are up against here in Florida

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