Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rove Now Has a Limited "Shelf"-life

Republicans eat their own. Especially when their utility to the cause has run its course. And Karl Rove qualifies.
We have heard the rumors that Anonymous managed to cyber infiltrate Rove's election stealing empire and shut him down. This you have to match against Rove's absolutely bizarre performance on election night, on FIX Noise.
Rove saying there is a 991 margin for Obama, when on screen the margin stands at 28,756. A difference of 27,765 votes or 96.5 percent difference. This he claims happens in the space of 3 or 4 minutes
I was watching purely for entertainment sake as the results came in. Like many of you, I wanted to see their reaction: either looking for sound bites and tells for a rigged election, or the desire to experience the schadenfreude of watching their dumbfounded bewilderment, the astonished terrified indignation of a loss, in their face, so to speak.
With Rove we got a little bit of both. As you watch the video, of course, note the data presented on the screen as Rove absurdly informs us of the oddly specific figure in the 900s relative of the split between Obama and Romney in key counties.
Weird he should be so sure, and so specific. Nine hundred and ninety one. Which he says the head of the Romney campaign has the totals three minutes ahead of the networks.
Only in the world where folks like Anonymous claim to know all does this tell, totally make sense. And maybe this is a classic bluff the entire Anonymous deal. If it is, it's genius and I can't help admire them for it.
If what many of us in the Election Integrity movement believe is true, Rove's associates had something to do with the death of computer programmer Mike Connell in 2008. Connell's unexplained airplane crash coming just a day before Connell was set to provide a deposition relative to what those of us in the EI community to be the stolen election of 2004 in Ohio, Bush v Kerry.
I feel it highly likely now, there was a similar death involving the late Phyllis Busansky a democratic Hillsborough county Florida supervisor of elections who died the following year while helping the FBI investigate her predecessor Buddy Johnson. I feel she was in the process of uncovering precisely how the rig works in Florida, and the powers really couldn't have that, so, unfortunately these scum do what scum are wont to do sometimes.
Now that leaves Rove, keeper of the secrets and now as useless as tits on a boar hog. Because if Anonymous is to be believed, they have ferreted out his secrets and now they actually have the goods on him; how his network works and so on.
And if this is true, that makes him a liability. Because if Anonymous turns this evidence over to federal investigators as radio guy Thom Hartman suggested today, they will go after him. Which they should.
I was watching Jackie Brown last night on Netflix which is one of my favorite movies of all time. And there is a scene that reminds me of what this might mean to the powers that be.
"He ain't got doin' time kinda disposition," says villain Ordell Robie. "That there is a simple equation of him or me, and you had best believe, it ain't gonna be me."
"Who's that?" "That there is Beaumount.."

Gee I don't wish violence on anyone.
But I also am a big fan of the movie Fair Game, the Valerie Plame story. Awesome movie, that. The idea that Scooter Libby and Rove, actually leaked the name of the CIA case officer out for political get-back and in one fell swoop, outed hundreds of assets in the field, putting their lives in danger, perhaps - nay, likely - leading to the deaths of several, why, this situation the Rover finds himself in now - if it's true - is just come-uppence.
Even on the surface he has to be worried. What was it, a billion dollars he spent of other people's money on this thing, and for naught?
Wow. Just wow.
I often think back to my time in central America and the stories. You know, one way they got rid of people who were troublesome? Car crash. Strategic car crash. Sort of like Dick Cheney's strategic heart trouble (SHT) only in reverse.
There were actually people who specialized in this sort of wet work. They just were so damned good a plowing cars into people. They had the cars specially made for this work. They trained for it: head on collisions.
Ooospie daisy.
But it was wartime, wasn't it. Cold War. Journalists, labor leaders "subversives" they called them. Or sometimes it was a DEA agent, or someone for the embassy.
Car crash. On holiday in Panama, you know. They drive like hell in that country. Oh well.
So how long do we give Karl Rove?
If, and this is speculation so don't get all a tingle, if, Anonymous is to believed, it will come soon. Because there is no witness protection program big enough, or vast enough, to hide Karl Rove.
Does he continue to hide in plain sight on Fox, just to get our goat? For a while, yeah. But those whom Rove fleeced, like the victims of Bernie Maddoff, will only be able to stomach his blatant visage appearing on their favorite funhouse of orgasmo conservative wet dreams for so long. You can already hear the brittle tone, the dismissive menacing undercurrent reserved for Rove, Mitt and that genius, Dick Morris.
The Donald was on FUX and Fiends, just the other day, and he just up and called the Roverster a "hack" out of the blue, as though doing homework, or perhaps like comedian "Stuttering John" who used to force his way into cameo interviews just so he could shout out to Howard Stearn. Sick that I know that.
Seriously, though. I wish Karl Rove the best, poor dear. It's got to be tough being Karl these days. However many there are left to him.

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