Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rachel Maddow's tiny window of fake truth

Watching Maddow last night was instructive. In her hour long show, she had 41 minutes of content to roughly 17 minutes of advertising. Three of those ads were dedicated to promoting herself, once, and MSNBC twice.
That's right, promotions for her own show, and the network I WAS ALREADY WATCHING!
By the way, the ratio of advertising to content by these numbers is 41 percent. Approaching half!
To her credit she did the first 19 minutes straight through on the republican war on women; on their uterii, on their lives, their jobs, their vaginas, on abortion rights, the whole shebang.
Who isn't behind women in this regard? Who doesn't want to see the war waged on women, stop?! No one in their right mind.
Big Machine - that's the oil companies, the car companies, the companies that make rockets and bombs - they don't mind if there's a few rabid congressmen attacking women. Nor do they mind if women are protesting this to their heart's content. They love it, in fact. Because while women who are the most active democrats, are stirred up about all this, they aren't doing what? Thinking about on-going war, that's what. Like they did in the 1960s.
Women, by in large, are the ones who have to send their babies off to war. Women are the ones who have to stay home protecting the family.
Women in 1960s, made up the heart of the peace movement; which used to be what the democratic party was all about.
Not any longer.
Big Machine doing its job; that's all that is.
Of Rachel's ads, it was funny, three were oil companies. It is truly weird to watch - and maybe you didn't notice - as Rachel lambastes Exxon, as being one of the evil companies pushing through their incentives by purchasing our government a handful of minutes after the oil giant  touts its record in supporting teachers.
We got two Chevron commercials during St. Rachel's schtick. My favorite is their "We Agree" pitch. Man on the left looks like a wookie. What is he? He's a "concerned scientist" straight out of central casting. I can't remember the guy on the right, someone who was also "concerned". And, in the end, they both agreed, that Chevron was way cool. Fade out to music.
Thirty two ads, I counted for her show. Thirty-two! One of my favorites is the guy from Mad Men, John Slatterly. who plays Roger Sterling. He's also way cool.
What you don't understand yet is Rachel is the flame and all of you are the moths. Rachel offers tidbits of the truth and you are drawn to that, because you've been so abused even a shred of it, a whiff and you'll come running. You'll gather at St. Rachel's fire. But you only get glimpses. Then your eyes and ears are crammed with lies rendered in that comfortable corporate package, nullifying and trivializing you to that truth.
Rachel then becomes like the money launderer for the drug trade. She offers a vetting of the atrocities which are quickly trivialized by the comfortable ads that you love.
Look at John Slatterly. He's calm, cool, collected behind the wheel of that Lincoln, so, things here in America must be pretty good. Okey dokey.
You don't notice that even the protests St. Rachel gives air to, in her 19 minute schpeil, all the protest signs are prepackaged, all the T-shirts likely made in sweat shops in Malaysia.
Hence, the entire thing, from legislative atrocity to contained and corralled outrage was prepackaged, ready to go. She's not going to mention this, no sir, no ma'am.
What is happening to us, this miserable back and forth, has been in the planning for years. There are outrages and t-shirts protesting it, in the can, as they say in Hollywood, well into the future.
Somewhere, someone has come up with another way to seriously piss you off and take away your rights - which they will surely do, don't get me wrong. And your t-shirt that you will wear long after it is too late to do anything about it, sits quietly in a warehouse somewhere along with your bumper sticker.
Around and around we go.
St. Rachel will be there too. She's as much a part of the problem as big oil is.
How do I know?
Because the one thing she could talk about, she could investigate that would stop all this - the corruption of our elections by electronic machines run by a handful of corporate monsters - she won't talk about!
She doesn't dare. She likes your adulation, you moth. She likes her fat cat salary. She likes the limelight. She likes to boogie on the disco.
Round and round we go.
Hey, your t-shirt is ready.

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