Monday, April 16, 2012


1. PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! COFFEE IS FOR DOERS, NOT WHINERS! (Oh, do I have your attention now?) You call yourself an activist? YOU, that’s right, YOU have to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Don’t wait for Rachel Maddow: she’s not going to help you on this anytime soon. YOU citizen must STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. People aren’t going to get interested in this easily. Unfortunately, people are sheep. They need the comfort of someone from MSNBC signing off on a story before they follow it before they get pumped up. And MSNBC isn’t going to follow it until they are shamed into it in a critical mass which will overcome their own intellectual cowardice. A critical mass WHICH ONLY YOU CAN CREATE WITH YOUR ACTIVISM! MSNBC’s craven yellow reluctance is bought and paid for by corporate masters GE and Comcast. CNN, FOX? Forget them too! These are corporations who are in on the ground floor, who are okay with the plan to destroy American democracy. ARE YOU SO DAMNED BLIND YOU CAN’T SEE THAT?

2. STOP HERO WORSHIPING OVERPAID, BLOATED EGO, “PROGRESSIVE” CELEBRITIES WHO DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU.  This list includes Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Alan Grayson. How do we know they don’t give a damn about you? If they actually did, THEY WOULD BE ADDRESSING THIS ISSUE AND THEY’RE NOT! What was your first clue, genius? Was it how often they tried to shill their book on air while ignoring this issue? Groups of progressive democrats, independents and libertarians out there are hero-worshiping  celebrity purveyors of comodified democracyLITE thought. MY DOG challenges me more than progressive groups challenge MSNBC, or DWS or Alan Grayson. The right is correct when it comes to this  sickening phenomenon: we have a serious, nearly psychotic problem in worshipping our progressive heroes no matter how badly they continue to abuse our trust and ignore the eroding lynch-pin of democracy; the sanctity and security of the vote.

3. FIGHT AT THE LOCAL LEVEL. NOT FACEBOOK-FIGHT, DAMN YOUR EYES, FIGHT! GET MAD DAMN YOU! The fight against the voting machines at the retail level, that is to say, you and me, isn’t very complicated at all. Our county commissions – not the legislature, not Rachel Maddow, not DWS – control the purchase of these god-awful machines. And the county commissions can un-purchase them, can un-fund them, just as easily. Each person can harass the shit out of the county commission to make that happen. Frankly, just what the hell is wrong with you people? GET OUT THERE AND GET IN THEIR FACES! There is no excuse for people claiming to be about protecting democracy NOT to be down to the county commission every chance they get to lambaste them for purchasing these machines. You hit the company – and the big one is Dominion voting which inherited all the crap software and hardware from two different predecessors, both Premier Diebold and ESandS – you hit them where it hurts.  “Follow the money”, said Deep Throat. Turn off the faucet, citizens. It is your duty! Get your heads out of your asses and DAMNED WELL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

4. THIS THROWS A WRENCH IN ANY PLANS BREWING IN YOUR COUNTY TO RIG THE 2012 ELECTION.. It warns the supervisor of elections in your county that you are watching for the next glitch. Which, I believe I have demonstrated in Hillsborough County Florida, is where the hack, the rig, the fraud takes place. Wake up. The glitch is the new method to rig the election. Think about what happened in Hillsborough County: they just made up a reason to stuff ballots back into the scanning machines. They pulled the memory cards out of a machine too quickly to capture all the vote counting software! THERE’S NOTHING TO HACK, NO REMNANT MALICIOUS CODE. And since there was a RESCANNING not a RECOUNT, there wasn’t time for a proper media response, there wasn’t time for a citizens action group to horn in and see what’s what, like there was in Florida 13 recount in Sarasota County. So everyone needs to be down to their county commission. You owe your county commission at least one visit, per ten posts on Facebook about this subject.

5.ACTIONS OVER STATISTICS. That needs to be burned into your brain for now. Honestly I KNOW the damned elections are being rigged. I believe I just offered PROOF, and a method by which we can stop it, or at least start! “Yeah but, let me show you these numbers…”I swear I want to yank my own eyes out and feed them to my dog. You and I can sit on Facebook all damned day long exchanging our information in a circle jerk of mutual admiration. But unless we DO SOMETHING, unless we GET RIGHT IN SOME DAMNED FACES, democracy is going to continue to be stolen from us. And do you love that crap? How does it taste to know those stealing democracy from you, laugh at you and your damned FACEBOOK posts. They laugh at you, you whining baby. THEY LAUGH because they know your COWARD ASS ISN’T GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. YOU LIKE THAT SHIT? They monitor these sites. They pretend to be buying whatever you’re selling. They pretend to be on the team and all they are doing is spying on you, carrying your bitching and whining to their masters, laughing and spitting on your FACEBOOK patriotism. 

6. A suggested action plan. THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY. I posted my dumb ass videos using an old handicam. It was real simple. I drove to the county commission in Hillsborough and started hassling them using my three minute time segments. I held up newspaper articles, and when I finally got it their own public records I shoved those in their smug little faces too. GO AND DO LIKEWISE. I plan on hitting them again soon, when I get some money together. It is making them look bad, and they know it. Chances are you’ve got similar records in your county. You have all these links with the information all over the web. You’ve got Bev’s movie. You’ve got the videos of Florida Recount 13. The information is there now. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REACH OUT AND TAKE IT! USE IT! 

7. COWARDICE IS NOT AN OPTION. Not when kids are being sent overseas to die in your name. Yes, someone's child risks a landmine today, or a car bomb, or could get shot before sundown, so that you can sit there and FACEBOOK your freedoms away? It's too uncomfortable for you to go down to the county commission? It's a little awkward to call your supervisor of elections and ask what type of machines they use? It's a little weird to find yourself talking before county commissioners, getting on county television? I have a question for you: are you an American citizen? Are you a patriot? Or are you livestock? The next time you think of an excuse preventing you from defending democracy, I want you to imagine yourself sending an email - or a FACEBOOK POST, you're good at that - EXPLAINING YOURSELF TO SOMEONE'S KID RISKING HIS LIFE for you today. Or if that doesn't work for you, the parent of a fallen soldier.

8. Don't get me wrong. If you need to post on Facebook to share information, that's great more power to you. But if you want to actually show some guts, POST YOUR ACTIONS, POST YOUR VIDEOS OF YOU DOWN TO YOUR COUNTY COMMISSION ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Prove you are a patriot, PROVE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO OCCUPY RIGGED ELECTIONS!

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