Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pam Bondi to be chosen as Romney's VP?

This really is a no-brainer. More than likely The Romnoid will choose Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi as his running mate.

"Pammy-cakes," "Attorney General Barbie", "Pam B(l)ondie" - the name calling from the left has not been very nice. (Guilty as charged, your honor!)

However you slice it, she's the natural choice. Mitt Romney likes her. AND she's slightly smarter than Sarah Palin! AND she's down with the whole "it's okay for far right wing Christians to break the rules as long as it means killing abortion and Obamacare" thing. AND, in the minds of republican strategists, she's the perfect way to capture the Florida vote- those 29 electorals - while scooping up some female support. AND she's not a bad looking woman until she starts slathering praise on Romney. Then you have, a hard, time, focusing, on what she's saying, and, you really, just want to, run out of the room.

One thing we can see here, is, she reads from a script real good!

She is the first Florida attorney general to sport a belly shirt and hip huggers. See here if you dare.

Other B(l)ondi facts for her selection:

1. As far as we can tell the perennial legally blonde consultant of choice on FAUX News IS Pam Bondi. She has appeared on FOX dozens of times. FOX-bound seniors, a key demo that helped Palin, simply adore her. She's also sat in with Joe Scarborough, much to his name dropping pleasure.

2. The NRA loves her as evidence by a doctored photo by New-Times Broward County.

3. She also has the dog demographic sewn up. She would never, ever, never make this gigantic dog (below) ride on the roof.

Bio: Born 1965, From Temple Terrace, Florida. Tampa, Hillsborough County (There's that word again!). Alma Mater UF and Stetson Law.

The only downside is, she benefited from the same corrupted vote that ushered Rick Scott into the governor's mansion. When we asked her to look into it, she sloughed it off, which is very unethical. We mean to say so in the coming weeks, after the announcement is made.

AND she is an extension of every single one of Rick Scott's policies. AND, her stance on women's issues is a liability. AND she fired two foreclosure investigators for doing their job in going after robosigning banks and instead asked her office to focus more on prosecuting the poor saps exploiting the protracted process of foreclosure in order to make their next move.

We can't have people making lemonade out of lemons in all this, after all. It's about helping realtors, banks, and title companies. It's about helping the market find a bottom. Not looking out for the citizens.

Get with the program folks, this is what the corporate Dark Ages are all about.

Daddy Complex Much?
AND she (in)explicably turned her attention away from her duties as Florida's top cop to cover Ricky's unethical backside like a Gal Friday, doing disservice to women AND her hard won JD. In one case she worked furiously to stop testimony from Ed Bruss, fired former prisons chief. He had done the sin of discovering that privatizing 30 Florida prisons wouldn't represent any cost savings and more than likely would result in massive losses when one took the time to factor in all the pension pay-outs which, apparently, no one had.

But, no matter. She's it. Let's all face it and deal with it. Mitt Romney even mentioned her in one of his gaffe-filled speeches about her hard nosed approach when it comes to going after foreclosure deadbeats. He just said "Pam Bondi". He didn't say "Florida's attorney general, Pam Bondi". No, he's on familiar with Pam, which is how middle-aged white men get all swoonie around her, (somewhere between lust and a father complex )

Republican women love her too. And Romney needs women now, any demographic. He needs grandmotherly types who all seem to want to mother Pammy Cakes through the television set, like the devout shoving babies into the boob tube for an evangelical's remote-blessing.

She's it. The only way to go, at this point.

It only remains to be seen whether her Sticky-Ricky connection proves to be too much for republican nation to stomach.

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