Saturday, April 7, 2012

Governor's Nuclear Option Bill Now On His Desk

"'VOLDEMORT' has the football!"

All he has to do is sign the instrument to vote himself more power! Nearly Godlike power in Florida. Do you think he'll hesitate?

While the governor is looking at and endorsing other bills this legislative cycle, don't forget his nuclear option bill, SB 368 which has made it all the way to his desk and is awaiting his signature.

Cowardly big media have totally ignored this bill because they have other, smaller, easier fish to fry.

Thursday evening, with no one watching apart from her devotees sipping on pinot noir Maddow did a wonky piece on similar, malignant legislation already  metastasizing into the fabric of life in Michigan as we speak.

Ugly, putrid fascism taking over Michigan. Only the beginning. The news given to us late in the weekly news cycle, so we are free to further ignore it as "not my problem."

Maybe you saw it. Maybe you didn't. Maybe like many Americans these days, you simply couldn't give a shit.

In any event, here it is: what they have planned for us in Florida as well with this piece of awful known as SB 368, which went by the name SB 90 the last time they tried to ram it through like a broom handle.

Public Act 4 in Michigan is precisely like SB 368. What Rachel doesn't tell you is that Florida's case is every bit as heinous and not yet signed into law!

She never mentions this because MSNBC - likely at the behest of the corporate smother-parent - seldom gives you the news on heinous evil legislation before it takes affect, i.e. when you can actually do something about it. No, MSNBC, mostly just another paper watch-dog, likes to commiserate with the pitiful downtrodden after they've been screwed over by the corporate man.

Florida thanks you for your help MSNBC
"Awwwww, poor baby. Look how we care about you," says whiny MSNBC.

Pity being every bit as insipidly hobbling and sometimes more-so than head-on naked aggression. There's the corporate animal we know and love, sly, sneaky that way, children. Beware of him as you are sleeping.

We spoke about this law which is likely being signed now, months ago, and then even before last year.

Most glaring, most putrid and enraging is the fact that MSNBC and Maddow have purposefully turned a blind eye to Florida. And the reason is, because what happens in Florida can actually destroy this country, can blow-up the world which is what the vast corporate monster wants to do so, why would they warn us before we can do something about it. Pfft....

We also have to put MSNBC's attitude in perspective owing to their repeated schizophrenia. After all this is the same news channel that brings Mark Ruffalo on to give impassioned speeches slamming the genocidal geomining, georaping process called "fracking," between the commercials from the oil companies actually pitching fracking (fracturing shale to get to trapped natural gas) as a means to secure our energy future.

Oh and, can't forget the luxury car commercials. Nothing like a big tasty Cadillac ad with John Slatterly from Mad Men narrating, to assure us that all is well, and "forget all of the above."

Sleep through the fact that Florida and her 29 electoral votes, can actually put people in power who can KILL the entire planet. Michigan, Wisconsin, these places often aren't the deciding factor on who sits in the Oval Office.

MSNBC is creating a blind side in not mentioning Florida in the same breath, in this same story. Maddow's minions here in Florida, and they are vocal, they are very active could have used the heads-up. But they didn't get it.

No. Better to film the crowds with the signs and banners approved by the democratic party after this bill takes affect, so we get the sad faces, the weeping mothers and minorities and whomever to warm our hearts. To open them up just a bit before we sell cars to make the masses forget just as quickly.

Thanks MSNBC and thanks to you, Governor Scott for pressing forward with your plans to help a consortium highjack our country, our constitution and every last shred of freedom.

Shhh children, hush now. Go back to sleep.

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