Monday, July 9, 2012

Not Good For Us

(This is an accidentally deleted Post I managed to recover)

It isn't communist to notice the following. It's not even socialist. It's just being observant.
You notice these days they call you socialist for being observant.
If everything the governor and the republican legislature were trying to do to us was good for us - as they allege - then why do these things always damage us in the end?
Let the term 'us' algebraically stand for those of the middle and struggling economic classes. Also known as "the rest of us." Or, if you like, if you don't mind being labeled 'socialist' by those who throw that word at anyone and everything they have a problem with, the "99 percent."
In the next three months, the state could be receiving millions in federal funding in order to begin the process of complying with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
This money would enable many souls to qualify for medicaid who wouldn't be covered by it, normally. You've seen more of these folks lately, the wandering homeless, and jobless souls? Wounded by the elements and circumstance?
When they enter the hospital they are "free riders". And we pay the tab anyway.
But, the governor in his infinite anti-wisdom, has decided that this money which would more adequately, more efficiently do the job of covering such people, isn't good for Floridians. It should go elsewhere even though we Floridians put some of that money into the pot in the first place.
Millions of people who have lost their healthcare coverage through this process called "downsizing". this is who we are talking about. They don't deserve the help. Because that wouldn't be good for us.
About this time last year, the governor, in another fit of "wisdom" decided that high speed rail and as many as 30,000 immediate jobs, wasn't good for us either. Nor were some $2 billion in funds to begin the shovel-ready project.
The jobs weren't good for us. The rail wasn't good for us. The reduced traffic on I-4 wasn't good for us. The ability of commuters to get into Tampa and Orlando and take positions they might not otherwise be able to take, well, as you know, none of this was good for us.
He told us, as well, that Citizens, the state-backed insurance company designed to keep costs low for those of us dealing with this business of revolving door insurance carriers for our homes, that wasn't good for s either. Though he has yet to destroy this, the governor is working on it, of that we can be sure.
Last year he also told us that the Fair District Amendments to the state constitution that 63 percent of the voters had ratified weren't good for us. He fought that, using our money if you recall. Fought it hard. And lost was his cause, along with our money as well.
He also has said that early voting isn't good for us. He and then secretary of state Kurt Browning and others managed to get early voting time chopped in half. They managed to effectively eliminate the last Sunday of early voting prior to the election, because that's not good for us either.
Shall I continue?
Not good for us is having a workable amount of time to register others to vote and turn the paperwork in. They managed to get that shortened to just 48 hours. Go over, and get fined. Though this has been recently overturned, the damage, some say, has already been done to voter registration drives.
Teachers aren't good for us. Their tenure has to go. Teachers who have more than five years in the business are dead weight. Toss them. Their salaries and benefits have to be reduced.
Professor tenure isn't good for us. Archaeology, anthropology, journalism, theater, political science; these aren't good for us. Gut these programs. No good. Colleges should cast these aside.
He and others within the legislature effectively shut off funding to some universities. Now he plays the innocent, claims to be on the students side when he lambastes them for considering to raise their tuition. Something he and others in the legislature enabled when they ruled universities could raise tuition. Effectively raising tuition. Because that's good for our kids. Raise tuition, skate the blame, shut off funding to the university, reduce the bright futures scholarships, eliminate the prepaid college programs.
Apparently a university education within reach of all Florida citizens, isn't good for us.
Good for us? What is good for us, according to this governor. What can we look forward to?
Drug testing. That's good for us. He likes that. With the state's unemployment rate still above eight percent he retains his hard-on for everyone temporarily demoralized by poverty and unemployment to be drug tested. Because that's good. Yeah.
Charter schools. Revamp education. Public schools will now be private. And we will all be segregated as to economic status and perhaps even one day - oh, please, please please Baby Jesus? - religion and race!
That's good for us, yeah.
Private prisons! Yeah. Let's open up the state to Gulag, Inc. have the profit motive drive incarcerations.  Never mind that these corporate prisons are proving to be dangerous to corrections officers and the public at large in that profit dictates fewer guards per inmate ratios.
Hey if you are unfortunate enough to be arrested for something minor, you can look forward to sexual assault by some seriously dangerous felons, who have all, also, been sexually assaulted. Just the way we do things here.
This is good for us.
Back to the issue of healthcare. You can see that what is "good for us" really has nothing to do with our governor's positions, decisions and what he ends up doing to us. He's an idealogue some have said; a stubborn adherent to a political ethos, despite a conflicting reality.
Yes. This is true. But there's more to it, isn't there.
He's among a group of governors who have been engaged in such demonstrations of cruelty to their states. A group who have connection in their affiliation with the Koch brothers of Wichita Kansas, and the ALEC conferences.
They are here to make a point, a statement, to take a stance; mostly against the middle class. To stand up for big business, no matter who gets hurt.
They tell us they are only interested in "what's good for Floridians" or whatever state it is, they represent.
They lie of course. They're goddamned liars.
And they don't deserve to be in power.

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