Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FOX should be charged with Senior Abuse

Fox News ought to be charged with abuse of our senior citizens who seem glued to it no matter that it's bad for them. Here's what I learned from my aging parent this morning:

 1. The world is coming to pieces and the current president is destroying this country.

 2. The current president is a socialist who only listen to the likes of Van Jones.

 3. Solyndra is the worst thing that ever happened. Obama is at fault. Solyndra is actually worse than Watergate. Way worse. No room for argument.

 4. Obama hates this country. He's a dangerous man.

 5. The demoncrats would sieve through and find any objectionable tidbit in Romney's complete tax return and use this against him in a way that was underhanded and unbecoming of our political discourse. (This, I agree with.) But! But! If the shoe were on the other foot, the republicans would certainly be talking about the "issues" by now and wouldn't concern themselves with such matters. (Obviously untrue)

 "What about the birth certificate dust up?" I am directed to consider other matters
 6. Obama hates this country and is secretly plotting against it. His second term will include destroying this country in its entirety. "I hope I don't live to see it."

 7. The world is coming to an end.

 8. Rap music is bad, just bad.

 9. Van Jones is just an evil, evil man who still controls the White House from behind the scenes while making a shitload of money doing it.

 10. Repeat lessons one through ten.

 These are the bleak messages pumped into the minds of senior citizens all over this country. They are glued to their sets tuned on Fox watching - the destruction of the entire country, the entire world, via a socialist negro in the White (KEY WORD:WHITE, EVERYBODY WHITE!!!) House.
 If you found out your mother or father were being given doses of this on a daily basis, down at the assisted living facility by a travelling passerby who whispered such evil garbage into their ears at the day-room, you'd call the police and likely sue the assisted living facility.
And you'd win.

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