Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Media Talking Heads Showing Their Cowardice

Today I was this close to getting on to speak with Ed Schultz during his radio show -uhgin!
I had waded through the part where you call, call back, then call again. Today I got through and spoke to his producer, told him I am worried about the voting machines.
He got hostile with me immediately. Well, back up. First the guy hung up on me.
"I want to talk about the voting machines. They are entirely hackable down here in Florida."
"Great," he said, and promptly hung up on me.
So I called back, waded through the busy signal, and got him again.
"Uh, yeah, so...? What happened? I was calling about the machines."
He knew who I was.
"So they're hackable, so what? What do we do?"
I said we should go to a hand counted ballot.
"That's a real smart idea," he said, indicating his feeling that this was anything but. I point out that the idea is to get it right, even if it takes three days to come up with a result.
He shifts gears, talks about how democrats have gotten elected too so, something must be working.
"Look, it's pay for play, man. And currently it's them (republicans) who pay. Not the least of which..."
"Okay okay, hold on a second," he said.
So I wait, listening to Big Ed run out the clock on the show, just like he did the last time I called in about this issue. Good thing this time it was only thirty minutes. Last time he had me wait an hour then hung up as the show ended.
But that's not all. I had called in five weeks ago when Mike Papantonio was on for Big Ed. Mike listened then said "Dave, I gotta go." Like he was afraid of the topic!
So the following week, I called him back. I did the thing, got a producer, got all the way through to Mike, who did, to his credit let me get the schpiel out at least.
Rather than address anything I had said directly Mike said he wanted to talk about this issue during Ring of Fire Radio. He even had his producer set up an interview. He called me, and we chatted. I put my case out there, and he said great, set up a time when Mike would call me to talk about the election of Rick Scott how it may have been rigged, the problems with the machines and so on which would air the following Saturday.
The day comes and they cancelled on me. Just, like, that.
They don't want to talk about it, folks. The bigger the head gets in media, the more cowardly, meek, tame and mild they become when it comes to this issue.
I don't know if there's something that Homeland Security tells them or whether it's just too complicated. Take Ed's producer, and that hostile thing. I mean, I hadn't even said anything. I just told him what I wanted to talk about and that set him off.
No! No! No! Stick to the script! Damn you!
Maybe it's a cabal attached to advertising. I've seen this before during my own run in "conventional media". Perhaps the cabal has spoken.
Perhaps the Alex Joneses of the world are correct: all is lost. It's not just a cabal but a vast global network of banksters and fraudsters with their hands around our throats.
Okay okay. I will calm down. Here's what we know: they don't want to talk about it. They are afraid to, no matter how much they tell you they are champions of the truth, they are like kittens when it comes to this. We know media talking heads are cravenly avoiding this issue. The question is, how do we shame them into covering. Because unfortunately a talking head cares more about his or her brand, than anything else. And they will not address this issue until we threaten to taint that with shame.
If you have a better idea I am all ears.

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