Thursday, July 26, 2012

Navy Vet and Antarctic Crash Survivor will vote provisional ballot

Yep, come the primary my dad will be voting a provisional ballot if at all. His republican party is to blame.
It took two days to get my father's paperwork in order to get his voter registration card, and even now it will not come to his address in time for him to vote in the primary.
The Odyssey began yesterday. See, Dad's driving privilege had to go. When he was in the hospital from the last fall from his vehicle and confusion and so forth an FHP officer clipped up his license. It was suspended and revoked. And that's a longer story here, but, he no longer drives. We moved him from Florida's west coast to an assisted facility near us.
In the move some documentation for his life was lost, including his Social Security card which he may or may not have had.
He needed two forms of photo ID, two pieces of paper showing his new address on them. A social security card. No exceptions. This in order to get his new state ID and a new voter registration card.
Mind you, he still doesn't have a bonafide SS card, nor a voter registration card. He's been living here in this part of the state for six months. The man at the window told him the voter registration card would be coming in the mail, but it's likely not going to be there in time for the primary.
The previous day we had to go to the Social Security office with his ancient passports, and so on, to prove he was who he said he was. Final proof will only come when we return with a state ID that a SS card will release!
You remember the Ouroborus? Snake eats own tail?
The nice girl at the SS office mentioned a birth certificate. He was born in the late 1920s. That's not something he has on file just now.
Two days to get a Florida State ID card.
I strain not to tell him that it was his political party that did this. His party has caused such a ruckuss about catching all those devilishly crafty illegals trying to throw the election Obama's way, that a former Naval Aviator and World War II veteran who had even spent two weeks in the burned out hulk of his airplane following a horrific crash in Antarctica during the navy mission there in 1946, has to fight to prove he is a citizen of this country.
His party did this to him. He, of course, blames his children for the lost license thing in the first place.
So if he wants to vote in this primary election in August, he will be issued a provisional ballot, more than likely.
By the way, here's the link to the book I wrote about his plane crash. (LINK!!)

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