Wednesday, May 4, 2011

They Still Want Their Hands on State Parks for Golf

Just when you thought that nonsense was over here it comes again."The Golden Bear's" promotional and public relations team isn't finished trying to put golf courses in state parks.

They have tapped several press outlets and have begun the old soft-sell. This time, their primary target is the Jonathan Dickinson State Park, near Hobe Sound, an 11,000 acre wildland named after a Quaker merchant from Port Royal, Jamaica. Dickinson along with his party, were shipwrecked in the are of Hobe Sound in 1696, and walked most of the distance between there and St. Augustine, suffering at the hands of, and given food by, various native American villages en route. Great story.

A PR guy for the bear told TC Palm that Lord Nicklaus has a 22nd grandchild on the way and so his master is "looking at finding a way to give back to the sport and the state he loves" Puh-leeze. Here's a translation: 'we've already put money into the design of these suckers and we'd like to find a way to get at least some of that money back.'

The Bill for the Nicklaus trail was retracted by its birthers, Rooney of Palm Beach and Thrasher of St. Augustine when OS's Scott Maxwell wrote about it, then Real Radio further stirred the masses on the internets to go after Jack with persuation.

Now the Nicklaus people are going after those who care for the legacy of the park at Hobe Sound, Friends of the Jonathan Dickinson State Park, with love bombs. No word yet whether they will cave. If they do, others will follow and we will have sold off treasures that make Florida what it is, not to mention, we will have opened up the state to further pornservative atrocities.

Listen, Rick Scott, who was all for this just four months ago as a candidate and as gov. elect, will be gone one day. He'll move on to his next political position. So will people like Rooney, Thrasher, Haridopeyass, and Cannon.We will still be here because we love this state and we will have to live with the mess these people leave behind.

We have to keep blocking this. Not one square inch for golf inside state parks.

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