Monday, October 1, 2012


Killing democracy IS terrorism. It promotes violence and chaos, and the associated fascist response to "calm the masses". The right wing of the republican party is all about killing democracy now, all about the terrorism of that.

All last week the Brad Friedman blog was reporting on the fact a lone, paid consulting firm was caught red handed turning in fake voter registration forms in Palm Beach County.

Perhaps sick and tired of people using her office as a viaduct of election thievery, SOE Susan Bucher threw a yellow flag on the field and blew the whistle.

This firm, Allied Consulting, run by  Bush crime family associate and serial-consultant Nathan Sproul was fired by the Republican Party of Florida who quickly threw him under the "zero-tolerance" short bus and vowed "to get to the bottom of everything". (Pfffft... as if they weren't already there.)

In his court-of-public-opinion defense Sproul used the "bad apple" metaphor in a little bus tossing of his own, this time pointing to a former Audi salesman, employed by Allied at a whopping $12 an hour to collect registrations.

Yes, the republican blame chemistry kit did its work and the precipitate at the bottom of the test tube was "that silly little man over there" who formerly sold Audi's in south Florida.

But Friedman expertly pointed out the the "lone penman" theory didn't follow the laws of physics and mathematics as we know them in this universe.

Because, it turned out, when elections supervisors all across Florida went back through some of their more egregious cases of similar appearing signatures and so forth, they found traces of that company's work (whisper the word in a tone of astonished reverence) everywhere.

Seven Florida counties became nine, became eleven. Then other states got into the act: Two states - Florida and North Carolina - have become six - Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia, Colorado, Oregon and counting as this cancer spreads and continues to do so at an alarming rate.

Never before have we been shown such bold evidence that ALL large corporate televised media are in on this one. Even the allegedly liberal ones. Not one word has appeared on Rachel Maddow. Morning Joe? Nope.

And yet the blogs are humming with the word; alive, like that old Jimmy Buffet song "The Coconut Telegraph".

When I consider the various ways in which the republican power complex has schemed to steal this next election in Florida, alone, I have to admit failure in my ability to alert anyone of import to stop it here in my state. My inability to direct officials to investigate the election of Rick Scott, my further failure to prevent the theft of the next election. I have to own it. I have failed. It will be stolen here.

With the extent of this? Obviously we are too late to stop it. All we can do is vote and hope for the best. But the lengths they have gone to starting with the quasi legal, to the unconstitutional to the fact Rick Scott had his election stolen for him, these combined, do not paint a pretty picture for anyone hoping and praying for a fair election in Florida.

GE owner of MSNBC have done their job in under-reporting this latest issue by silencing alleged liberal voice-boxes on their network, Maddow et al.

 Companies like GE want WW III, otherwise why buy up media?  They want Mittster in the White House because Mitt has promised them their war if they give him, his White House. They have done their job in allowing the scheme to defraud the American public, to continue. The liberal punditry have kept their jobs, their cozy digs. And what did you expect them to do, take OUR side? The side of we, the American people?  Get a life, will ya?

I've said it time and time again and the goddamn zombies just will not learn: Rachel Maddow doesn't give a fuck about you. Nor does Chris Hayes, otherwise they both would have said something on this one, by now. These are nothing more than slightly annoying, precocious little children, who do as they are told. They will sell you down river in a heartbeat to continue living in the lucrative world of ego pampering and status.

But now, when this national election is stolen and handed to Mitt Romney - and it likely will be given the scope of this scandal - people will be more convinced than ever, the system IS rigged, and the liberal media is nothing but a paper tiger that has failed us. We will be convinced more than ever that taking to the streets in a coordinated uprising, this time, is the only choice.

In fact. Mr. Jefferson tells us that revolution is our duty as a response to naked tyranny.

The far right of course, is counting on this. They welcome it. Those controlling the far right, know this is coming because they planned it all along. They've shorted the credit and housing markets, cocked up the financial markets,  started two wars we can't pay for, held us up for trillions of dollars in bailout money. (Did you know 96 percent of the bail out money went to the one percent?) They caused the firing of millions of American workers, foreclosed on them when they couldn't make their mortgages. I mean, just go down the list and tell me none of this was planned, especially given a clear pattern of forcing the great mass of us into a tighter and tighter corner.

Insult to injury they have raised up an absolute moron - a soup bubble has more intellect - and have placed him in line to become the next President of the United States, and then they rigged the election in advance for him.

This is in your face, folks. The thievery that makes this happen, the blatant nature of it, is designed to produce societal chaos.

Taken in all, the actions of the leadership of the republican party, meet every definition of terrorism. They have murdered us, they have taken from our pockets, the have built more prisons to house us, attempted to cut short the lives of our senior citizens, and reduced the opportunities of our children, made us fearful, and now they take away our one resource to do anything about all the above, our vote.

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