Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No, God Doesn't Demand you HAVE A RAPE BABY

It's wrong to insist that Christ is a rape supporter. Just because rapers at heart and perverts with a cruci-fetish want to tout rape as a path to both God and fatherhood, they shouldn't be able to "rape" that into the womb of our U.S. Constitution. I can only imagine men who say such heinous things, or support such ideas and/or candidates, don't have sisters, daughters or wives. Who knows, maybe raping their wives is something the do often, I don't know. Maybe they begat their five kids that way. The point is THEIR god maybe okay with rape-impregnation as a path to fatherhood as was done in Bosnia. My God however isn't. (The Constitution should protect mine from their rapist God). Maybe these politicians have a sex dungeon somewhere where they rape impregnate young women in between sessions of congress, or in between the numerous times they are running for president, I don't know. But RAPE IMPREGNATION isn't okay with me or as a possible legislated future for my daughters. And I think an effective demonstration with a broom handle just might change their views of rape, and might mend their twisted,degenerate, sick ideas of what a "loving God" will allow in a just world. To that end, I invite both Mitt Romney and this sick >>>> who no one ever heard of before this, to sit on one, repeatedly.

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