Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wal-Mart Jesus, Darwin and Rick Scott

Business types know all about Charles Darwin, that’s why they call it “corporate Darwinism” and they say this only in their boardrooms. Right. They know all about Darwin, they just don’t want you to know about him, hence the need to destroy public education, drive Darwin underground and replace him at the head the classroom with Wal-Mart Jesus.
Not real Jesus but cut-rate, conscience-free Jesus. Jesus who doesn’t particularly give a shit about your troubles. Just extra low-low prices, and everything must go. Guns are located in sporting goods. He’s can be thought of as Jesus LITE™ twice as violent, with none of the fattening love of the real Jesus, and mad as hell at the democrats. He also wants everyone to take a drug test before they get one more dime of any sort of assistance.
Those who sell Wal-Mart Jesus to you, especially don’t want your children understanding the game being played on them called “screw your kids. Mine are more important.”
The long version of the game is called “Good enough for your kid to attend some feces version of voucher school where they teach Wal-Mart Jesus as gospel, while mine are learning how to enslave yours!”
So, regarding the further need of Rick Scott to cut programs for the disabled? Revert to the fact big business types understand how Darwin works, and they are all for the weak or the needy being served by his principle.
Scott “kills two birds,” then inflicting massive cuts, so that corporations can be given tax breaks and nature can take its course on the weak and the needy. Better they die sooner, so they can’t vote later.
To Rick Scott and other pornographically perverse conservatives behind the tea party – pornservatives, as we call them around the office here - the really orgasmic aspect is watching the disabled, the insane, the addicted, wander the streets like zombies so that Cadillac’s, driven by Charles Darwin, can bump them off one after the other.

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