Friday, September 7, 2012

Things Still Not Making Sense in Pinellas

Recall: Primary election Aug. 14, 2012. 36,000 ballots that were stored in USB flash drivers, were driven to the elections office rather than modem'd over the network. Still no answer on chain of custody questions we have asked - namely who controls the flash drives in transit? Are they supervised to prevent swap-out?

The official answer as per press release is that a "gateway device" failed. But in the same press release, Pinellas officials also say they could find no defect with the device. But, they replaced the device all the same, since it was obviously "defective." Of course this makes no sense. Essentially the logic flow chart on this press release (Fig.A.) is a an illogical loop (Fig. B.) running to the far right of the page which ends at the desired result for public dissemination called "All Better". Like that, kids? that's how stupid you are according to them.

Also, the "conduct of election report" a legal document - a press release really isn't - a report to the division of elections which if you lie on it, you're in big trouble. Makes no mention of the gateway device, only what was done to work around a problem that may not exist, had no resolution in terms of cause. (Fig. C.)
Fig. A.
Fig. B

Fig. C.

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