Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stuffing the ballot box has never been so easy!

Florida's variation on the theme this year is a ballot which in some places like Miami Dade will run ten pages long. Why? Because the eleven amendment referenda items  - all eleven of them up for a vote - will be written out entirely. Lengthy legalese designed to confuse and intimidate and waste man-eons of time.

This has the designed effect of creating longer lines; thereby turning voters away. Cut the number of booths down? You've stuffed the voting booths. Which has the same affect as stuffing the ballot box.

To "help you" deal with this "problem" the supervisors of elections are being coached to "offer" the "solution" of mailing in your ballot! Yay!

Just don't opt for this lie. Just suffer through their bullshit and vote your ballot yourselves. Please.

Pinellas County just mailed out 242,000 absentee ballots!! There are just over 600,000 registered voters in the county. Are we saying nearly half of the voters of Pinellas live overseas? Are they on assignment for the Department of State? Are they working on air craft carriers? No. They just want to vote by mail. Which of course in the next election cycle with be voting via internet. And then we will have completely and totally lost whatever slim handle we have had on democracy.

Yay! Go us!

Here's a sample of what we're dealing with in Brevard County Florida. Well meaning go-alongs from our local occupy movement were more than happy to post this promotional. And you have to wonder where it comes from? Can you say, "the Republican supervisor of elections?"

Note the smiling minority female in the picture. Why, she would never steer us wrong! How do we know? Because being a smiling minority female she's concerned with women's' AND minority issues! Of course. That must be the answer. Note how I am attacked immediately for suggesting voting by mail is a bad idea.

You know you're right when they never address the issue in the counter arguments. After all the scientific veracity of the "what's wrong with you?" counter-argument can never be checked using history, statistical analysis, or even a logic flow-chart.

And here's a clue to all of us! Just because a group uses the word "Occupy" in their name, there's no guarantee they represent the 99 percent, 100 percent of the time!

"Hey! That's false advertising!" you say. "There ought to be a law!" And can you believe it? There's not. It's the internet. Remember?

BradBlog rates voting an absentee ballot for political change about as ineffective as perhaps farting into a shoe-box in order to combat global warming. He has amassed example after example after example.

Of course, if you try to tell anyone any of this these days, for some reason or other, they resist you with all their mighty-might.

That's enough for now. More soon.

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