Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hillsborough, is Now Democracy's Achilles Heel

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Hillsborough County's Interim County Attorney Don Odom has sent me the "Conduct of Election Report" for Nov. 2, 2010.

First point of interest. Hillsborough SOE says 12 memory cards failed to download their data. As we recall from yesterday, the voting machine company, Dominion said this was because election workers took the memory cards out of a machine (think of a CD burner on your desktop computer) before vote-counting software could finish downloading.

If the county SOE is correct, Dominion voting's gear is seriously flawed in that 38,000 votes were erased in a crucial election between Sink and Scott. If Dominion is correct, that means someone working for Hillsborough County's SOE made a serious error, not once, but 12 times in a row.

Additionally, the cards weren't tested? Apparently they were immediately shipped out to EARLY VOTING PLACES ONLY where DEMOCRATS are known to vote early.

There are no two ways about it. Think about it. One or the other. But which is it?

One thing is for certain: despite the uncertainty in either the machines, or the personnel, THERE HAS BEEN NO INVESTIGATION into the SOE by anyone. And the county commission of Hillsborough seems to have NO interest in getting to the bottom of this and answering that "which" question, despite spending millions on those machines.

Why? And how responsible is it for them to behave this way. Think about it, not one county commissioner in seven even cares about finding out whether the voting machines are seriously flawed OR whether there are actually people engaged in a criminal high-jack, racketeering of the Florida vote working in their SOE office.

Oh? Third choice? People operating the machines don't have the technical wizardry of a seventh grader. But they DO know how to send their mistakes to voters in the African American community, in the student community, in the bedroom community, of the 99 percenters.

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Meanwhile, back on earth, the election of Rick Scott in Hillsborough went off without a complete canvassing board.


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