Friday, March 9, 2012

Hillsborough Glitch Saga Continues

* see note below at the bottom of the page as to sound and video quality. I have transcribed my words to the Hillsborough County Commissioners here.

"Good morning commissioners my name is David Kearns I reside in Palm Bay Florida I want to thank Deputy County Attorney Odom for giving me this information. I have been making inquiries into the supervisor of elections office and I have been given two answers which are diametrically opposed."

"This is totally unresolved as far as the election here, on Nov. 2, 2010."

"The supervisor of elections states that twelve early voting cards failed to download to the GEMS server. He says that he sent this system off to Dominion (voting) for a look-see to determine the cause of the error. Alleging that Dominion was the cause. The date on this is Nov. 14, this report."

"Now Dominion sent back as early as March 1, (2011) that after performing a 'SET OF ELECTION' the memory cards were removed from the Accuvote OSX unit, while the unit was still active, or a HOT REMOVAL. So essentially pulling the CD out of the CD burner prior to the song downloading. And, uh, not once but 12 times in a row."

"Now somewhere between time 2 and time 12, we're not looking at an accident anymore. In a general note, elections are being stolen using the machines as a pretext of the failure of those machines, throughout the state of Florida and throughout the country. Now that's a very grownup statement to go ahead and assert. But uh, twelve times in a row defies logic. That's not an accident. And this issue is completely unresolved. We have two answers and no resolution as to which one is right."

"You need to ask yourself why your supervisor of elections hasn't resolved this issue?"

"Also, speaking of willful blindness, it is a concept in the law, we have no signature from any county commissioner as a sign off on the canvassing board here. Not one of the county commissioners chose to be a part of this election."

"You just did honor to Phyllis Busansky this morning by mentioning her name. You can further do honor to her by getting a resolution together to direct staff to send to the Division of Elections a request, to investigate the election as it was held here in Hillsborough County."

"You'd do her a great honor, and you'd do honor to yourselves, to remind the citizens of the state of Florida, the United States of America and the citizens of Hillsborough County that you care about the sanctity of the vote here in Florida. Thank you very much."

*For some reason, this is the only surviving record of the morning session of the Hillsborough County Commission on Thursday March 8, 2012. The manager at Hillsborough Television said that perhaps sunspot activity caused a problem with the transmission of the morning session as they are somehow linked to a host server in Los Angeles. (Do I know?). The link for the session is still dead on their web server two days after the meeting so we can guess they still haven't fixed the problem. But, I was able to get a three minute segment of my comment from Hillsborough TV. However, whatever format they gave it to me in, won't upload to Youtube. So, I had to record it using a camera filming the screen and uploaded it to Youtube. Never a dull moment.

The Good News is, we have a record of the Hillsborough County Commission being told what they should do if they don't want to appear as though they are being "willfully blind". They have admonitions in their own ethics statement that they must, as public officials, report any wrongdoing. Now they have bold evidence that something serious is wrong with their SOE office, one way or another.

If, as they did on Thursday, they choose to do nothing, all the better for the ethics complaint I plan on filing. I can include them right along with it, in that four of these commissioners were elected Nov. 2, 2010 in the same election that gave us Rick Scott.

It's their choice.

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