Thursday, September 29, 2011

Defining #RickScottistan

Here are some terms used to describe the Rick Scott administration. They will find use in our upcoming book about him. ENJOY!AND SHARE!

7-7-7: The Rick Scott Jobs plan summed up in meaningless vaguely “Dominionist” or quasi-religious repeated use of the number seven.

Chemical Jim Crow: Current suite of drug-testing laws attempting to marginalize state workers, middle class, poor, and minority communities.

Coupons for Students: The voucher program proposed for Florida schools.

Corporate Dark Age: The time we are living in.

Corporate food stamps: Corporate tax cuts as described by the Rick Scott team.

Corpservative: One who is all about corporate power.

Electronic voting: Method used to steal elections in 2000, 2006 and 2010 in Floriduh

E-Gate: the inadvertent and yet fortuitously strategic deletion of emails pertaining to the Rick Scott transitional government’s (likely) corrupt hiring practices. Also see “iDelete.”

Flori-duh: Mythical Florida as described in the corporate lie that the stupidity of the voters, and not the electronic voting machines, keeps screwing up and or stealing our elections.

FTD, also “Fuck the Doomed”: The conservative healthcare plan for the rest of us, in three words. After a quote from the cult classic movie, Where the Buffalo Roam starring Bill Murray. Also FTA, “fuck them anyway”, the essential response from conservatives when you point out that FTD is actually more expensive than a less aggressive stance toward the sick, the poor and the old.

Ginoke Trees: a kind of tree found only in Rick’s Scott’s Florida, capable of thought, planning, and hard work. Used in a Rick Scott inaugural sentence. “The Ginoke trees that surround us are what they are, because they had a plan.”

Glitch: A random excuse used by software vendors and elections officials to describe Machiavellian screw-ups with the voting. Seldom explained, and soon forgotten. 2. An excuse used to conceal a stolen election. e.g. “When they stole the election for Rick Scott, they likely did it in Hillsborough County.”

Gulag, Inc.: Program of privatizing all prisons, providing a profit incentive to incarcerate as many law-abiding, and non-law abiding citizens, as humanly possible.

Hillsborough Glitch: the one that either elected Rick Scott or prevented a recount. We will never know which. The glitch that resulting in the hand-rescanning of 38,000 early voted ballots, in the middle of the night which has never been explained to the public.

iDelete: The event in which Rick Scott, through a staffer, fortuitously deleted some 200 emails off his iPad during the same time E-Gate was coming to light.

I-4 Apartheid: Current voting restrictions attempting to reduce minority, student, GLBTG, poor, middle class participation in the 2012 elections.

Junta: a perfectly reasonable description of Rick Scott and the Republican supermajority in the Florida legislature.

Koch Stasi: Americans for Prosperity and other Koch intelligence and intimidation networks. The string-pullers of the tea party movement.

Koch Suckers: referring to the Koch brothers, and or their willing serfs such as Rick Scott.

Koch Whore, also “Koch head”: A politician who deliberately “lifts skirt” i.e. is willing to hurt the public they serve through act, vote or speech, in order to court Koch or big business financial support for present or future political position.

Lincoln Day Dinner: an excuse to get clubby with wealthy donors to the GOP while the teachers you are beggaring are screaming to keep their jobs just outside the walls of a resort where you are hob-nobbing.

Magic Coupon: Voucher. Any worthless promise given as the bait-and-switch for privatizing public programs and institutions.

Motherfuckers: metaphorically speaking, people who will not stop at merely “schtupping your mom”. See previous reference to Koch Whore for similarities.

NARO, aka the New Ayn Rand Order: the deflection of blame for any self-interested atrocity by use of Ayn Rand as an excuse kewpie.

Obama: Rick Scott’s catch-all prefix to any number of words, policies, concepts, or anything in the physical universe, which can be blamed for a great evil. (Obamamath, Obamaliberal, Obamarail, Obamacare, Obamamosque etc.)

Pornservative: Perversely pornographically conservative. Or, a flagrant, pornographic distortion of conservative values personified in vote, speech or act.

Republican Super-pejorative: The republican supermajority in the Florida Legislature.

Ricky-World: an altered bizaro universe, cosmology, or ethos, whose logic is vastly divergent with the real world occupied by those of us who are not Rick Scott.

RILAB: “Run it like a business” , also LGTW “Let’s get to work” also RILAFWH, run it like a fucking whore house.

Screwed Pooch: The 2006 election race of Jennings v Buchanan in the 13th congressional district, Sarasota County. 18,000 under-votes were noted on touch screen iVotronics machines by ES&S, Inc. Buchanan won by 369 votes, after a recount on Nov. 13.

SOFARRM: The totally illegal regulatory reform initiative by Rick Scott to hold up all regulations (AKA laws) for his personal review and ruling prior to permitting them to be implemented, regardless of the fact they were voted on by previous legislatures. Acronym for the program outlined in his inaugural address.

Staffer: catch-all waste-basket of blame in the Rick Scott administration.

Teabaggers, teapotters etc.: Members of the tea party used by Kochs for nefarious purposes which often run directly contrary to the interests of all people, teabaggers or otherwise. Also Koch-baggers, Hate-Baggers

Tea scorn: the especially rancid brand of intolerant scorn used by the tea party.

Tea-Pawns: tea party member.

Tea-Bubble: the sudden deflation of the tea party movement with the death of the Ryan Health Care Plan. On or about May 26, 2011. Coinciding with Rick Scott’s 29 percent approval rating by Quinnipiac University. Scott’s numbers were the lowest among six hated governors studied.

VQWH , also The Volusia Quantum Worm Hole: Election night in the year 2000, some 16,022 votes were counted backwards for Al Gore in the Bush v Gore presidential race in Precinct 216, Volusia County, which at the time was using voting machines by Global Election Soutions, later Diebold, later Premiere, now Dominion voting systems. No attempt has been made to explain the VQWH by officialdom since Gore conceded the race.

Walmart Jesus, also, Tea- Jesus, also JesusLITE™. The corporate branding of the word “Jesus” or the concept of Christianity for nefarious purposes. This version of Jesus bears no resemblance to that spoken of in the accepted Christian scripture. Hence they know him not.

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