Friday, September 23, 2011

Are we serious? "Free Speech" Zones?

This week the Orange County/Orlando PD are enforcing a “free speech zone” plan for the Orange County Convention Center during the travelling lunatic asylum called the Republican Party debates and the straw poll.
And now a word from the First Amendment to the United States Constitution:
“Congress shall make no law….” Yadda yadda. You SHOULD know the rest. Live by it.
Time and again these zones have been found to be unconstitutional, legally unenforceable. And yet we saps continue to fall for it.
A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel concerning these two zones, capable of containing 200 people, (Wowzers! Really? Thank you Orlando for defending freedom!) failed to address the entire issue of previous challenges to the very nature of these zones.
A reporter can’t do a Nexus search, or even a Google? No? Too much?
So again, we witness journalism at its finest, by stenography.
Let’s not alert the public that this has all been tried before repeatedly. And the courts ruled in favor of those who challenged these “zones of free speech”. That in essence, the entire country is in fact, a free speech zone.
Yes, Virginia. It’s okay to protest where ever you feel like it provided that place is public.
We need to stop paying attention to these goddamn “zones” or “cages” of free speech. They are NOT repeat NOT constitutional nor do they serve anything but the status quo. Not freedom.
It is time for some or all of us to suffer arrest rather than continue to allow these piecemeal suppressions of our rights.
To that end:

Here are some new ground rules for protesting.
1.Don’t ask where you can protest. Just protest.
2.Never fill out a permit to protest. Just stop that weak assed crap right now. Stop it. Just stop.
3.Don’t be afraid to get arrested to protect the Constitution. People are dying for your right to do this. Don’t betray their sacrifice by being so weak you are too scared to stand up for freedom. Stop that. Now.
4.Say whatever you need to, to get yourself heard.
5.Don’t be afraid to be called a thug or shrink at your civic duty to protest because someone said you’re engaging in “class warfare.” Yeah? And?
6.Every so often you may need to call someone an mf. So be it. There are a lot of those in power now. Use it as it applies. Eric Cantor, for instance. The point is, stop being so polite. Defend free speech by actually using it.
7.Be inventive with your protest, creative. Perfect example. Is a large Pink Snuggie an article of clothing? Or, is it a sign? Well, it can be both, with a little bit of black electrical tape! How about these letters in black on a nice bright pink Snuggie FU GOP. They’re telling you to remove your sign? “I don’t have one. I am wearing this. This is an article of clothing, officer.” Tie them in knots. Don’t make things easy. Let them do the work figuring out what you’re doing wrong.
8.Don’t drink alcohol when protesting or do drugs as it gives them an excuse to arrest you and discredit your cause.
7.Be on time for your protest. Don’t arrive late and be all half assed about it.
Know what your aims are and what you plan to do.
8.Do not use violence in your protest. But if it is used against you, cover up, and make sure someone in your group is filming it. Get it on YouTube.
9.If you get arrested, don’t resist with anything but passivity. Battery on an LEO is a felony. Don’t be stupid. Make yourself heard, get yourself filmed as you are being arrested.
10.On film state specifically who you are, what you are protesting, and why you refused to comply with the officer’s order. i.e. “My name is John Jones of Oak Street Orlando, I am protesting the outrages perpetrated by this governor, I have every right to be here in a public place with this sign in my hand.” It’s that simple.

Let's be careful out there. But let's also quit this crap of letting Big Corp/Big Government corral us into pens. You know who submits to pens ever so politely?

Sheep. Think of sheep everytime you see one of those cages.

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