Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Not Paying You for Religious Advice

Dear Governor Scott, I am not paying you to get into religion. I invite you to review our US Constitution. It has a proviision within which provides for a clear line between church and state. On a personal note anyone who can so casually attempt to destroy public education in my state, has no business whatsoever attempting to lecture me or anyone else as to religion. You had best pray your hypocrisy is well founded. For if there is a God, and he is active in our lives, he will exact retribution for what you attempt to do to the students of our state. Little more can the likes of Rick Perry teach me, or anyone else about spiritualism. Again, I say, I am not paying you to get into spiritual matters, at all. You are the governor of a state of some 18 million people, many of whom are Muslim (who you have already thoroughly offended with your advert, shameless baiting hate mongers and Quran burners) others are atheists, some are agnostic, some are Buddhist. Some really don't care to think about it, and that is their right. None of these folks need their tax dollars, even one cent, going to you so that you may delve into matters you clearly have no business getting into with us. Do your job, such as you can, or be gone. While you are at it, invite you to actually investigate who Christ was, those words of mercy he actually said, rather than regurgitate some half baked, narrow bandwidth Wal Mart version that offers no mercy to the poor, the hungry, the children, the addled of mind and so on. As you often have such a hard time doing, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST, then open your mouth second. And for the love of the divine cosmic creature, such as may be, do your preaching on your own time, your own dime. Not mine.

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