Saturday, August 20, 2011


Rick Scott's transition team apparently didn't understand our laws. Oh, yeah. That must be it.

According to the St. Pete Times as many as 50 email accounts of staffers, and Scott himself, were -ooopsie- deleted.

The company that may have done the deleting of these public records? Yeah, that would be his daughter's employer.

M'kay, sweetheart? Yeah? That work for ya? (closes fairy tale book here)

And you believe it was all an accident don't you? Because Uncle Ricky would never do something illegal would he? No. Just like he said on Rick Sanchez and CNN, "I was never accused of anything. I was never indicted."

Now he was given the honor of handing the dagger to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for them to do an investigation....on their boss.

Because that'll work, sure.

Meanwhile we have a top cop in this state who doesn't answer to Rick Scott in the chain of command, she answers to us. And her name is Pam Bondi.

Some people don't take Pammy too seriously because she's young, she's photogenic (adults can vomit here) and she's become the media darling of late. Think of her as Florida's legal version of Kim Kardashian; yeah, like that.

Some people think Pammy's nothing more than a pretty paper tigress who the Scott machine has seduced by puffing up her ego sufficiently by love bombing good sense, honor and duty out of her system like cult leaders are wont to do sometimes. Now she's more apt to run out and get herself photographed doing something uselessly photogenic than actually DO the job the voters of Florida elected her for; which is to investigate crimes where no one else can and do it impartially, effectively and with due-diligence.

And what about that? Not that FDLE can't investigate this matter but will they with due-diligence? If they do too good a job, and they still have insufficient evidence for an indictment, what then? The best among them will be targeted for "downsizing." After all, the common refrain these days in state work is "well, sorry but we gotta start somewhere."

The corrupt, screwed-up reign of Ricky-World continues.

The sublimely corrupt aspect in all of this is Ricky MAY (just may) have gotten his daughter involved in doing the dirty work. If so, it went like this: the Scott Team hired outside contractor Rackspace, of Texas to handle the email during the transitional government, and they contracted work out to Harris Media.

Harris media employs Rick's daughter, Allison, who recently was in the news for trading on her name in making sales pitches to drum up new business.

Newspaper's got a hold of this because St. Pete Times and others had been so damned dogged in insisting on getting a hold of the transitional government emails, because they were certain this told a story we needed to hear.

Eight months later word gets out: ooopsie daisy, they're gone. All the emails went bye bye. Oh well.

E-Gate is born.

And E-Gate, in a sane and honest world, should be this man's undoing.

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