Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Casey's More Caylee's in Rick Scott's New Florida

It's time to politicize the Casey Anthony Trial here at Rick Scott Watch. It is. Sorry. It must be done.

If we think something this bad can happen during Charlie Crist's watch, imagine what is going to happen if we continue on the path Rick Scott is leading us down.

If you kill education, you get more kids without skills to handle life, sex, and babies. More Caseys.

The state provided the evidence and she was aquitted of murder. Fact. The state did a good job, but they didn't have enough evidence to convict her. Fact.

Bitch, moan, scream. Get angry at the jurors from Pinellas County.

Now come on back to earth for a minute. We have a justice system that DEMANDS an overwhelming preponderance of evidence to support the guilt of an accused party beyond a reasonable doubt. That's the deal, the raw freaking deal here in these United States since before there was a United States. Since John Adams got six guardsmen off of murder and massacre charges for standing their ground and doing their job at the Boston Massacre, back in the day. This is how we do it.

Don't stay mad at 12 good fellow citizens of our state who saw their duty and did it. Just grow up.

This story is why you can't run the state like a business. The job of a governor is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. To protect the little Caylees. Not say "sorry for you luck kid."

You stood outside. You carried your sign in support for that little child seeking justice for her. You can't save her now. But you might save another. 

1,800 workers were cut from the ranks of the Department of Children and Families in this budget our governor released at a Tea Party Enclave. These caseworkers step in and attempt to help families in crisis. Now they can't. They weren't necessary in Governor Rick's new Florida. That means more families like the Anthony's will slip through the cracks. More Caylee's, more Casey's coming down the pike. 

He cut as many as 1,690 from the state department of corrections, and we'll get to that when we talk about Gain Time.

Casey lied to the police four times in their hunt for little Caylee. Each lie delayed the police who already are understaffed and over-worked. Each lie, if the mother had been innocent, cost valuable time wherein they might have found that little girl sooner, in whatever state she was in.

Each lie represented a year's sentence for Casey after the verdicts were rendered. A year in jail for each count. She received a sentence today of four years. But time-served awaiting trial, as well all know, is three years. And now we have this animal called "Gain Time" as well that shaves off time from the end of her sentence. 

Gain Time is a little mathmatical guizmo that cuts days off your sentence for being good, and solitary confinement provides few opportunities to be bad. We know it's true. The t.v. lawyer said so. Orange County Corrections is a crowded place. Crowded  also has to do with a ratio of officers to inmates. That's where the gain time comes in. They have to keep that ratio at a manageble level otherwise, riots and chaos rule the day. You get 11 days, nearly half a month in Gain Time, for every month served without any issues in Orange County Corrections.

So Casey gets out next week.

Listen, Karma does not forget. She always comes calling. She may be late but she's never sleepy. Forget Casey, put your hands down, put your weapons down. Karma will sort her out, if there is sorting to be done.

What of the next Caylee?

Here's the deal. We just now spoke of overworked detectives, crowded prisons, lack of evidence, lack of man hours. We spoke of reduced caseworkers to the Department of Children and Families.

In His Majesty's hybridized version of America, where cash is king, where losers walk, where corporations pay no property taxes ever; where necessary state workers get fired the way fish mongers throw mullet, where staffing reductions force fewer corrections officers to control more inmates; where the Gain Time is so high, every day served equals two days off your sentence; what do you think this is coming to?

More Caylees. Hundreds more. So many more we will look back on this and smile fondly when we got so worked up over the death of one small child; where we will laugh at how naive we were back then when we cared about little human beings. Back during the early days of Rick Scott's rule.

The signs you carry for Caylee must be forged anew. You must re-write the signs. We must put a stop to Rick Scott and his criminal goon squad and their dangerous cuts to our services. You must  keep up, get fed up, stand up, and act up.

Rather than let corporations off Scott-free from the shared burden of plugging the budget holes, rather than firing more cops, more corrections officers, more teachers, more salary reductions to those who provide crucial services, we have to re-introduce some sanity into the equation.

"No more teachers, no more cops; take the taxes from the top."

Get used to saying that. That's how you "keep up". Protest. That's how you "stand up" and "act up."

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