Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CNN Body Slams Rick Scott

"Why is this so difficult to understand?" demanded CNNs Ali Velshi. "Christine must have asked you this four different ways."

Velshi and his co-anchor, Christine Romans , were asking - f*cking begging - Florida's 45th governor to wrap his bald brain around one of the concepts of business "pay your bills." This is one of the basic tennants of macro and micro economics that holds everything together.

On the macro end, the US dollar is at the heart of the worldwide economy. If we don't make arrangements to pay our debts, our credit rating drops, the worldwide economy goes directly into the toilet. And the world is going to be pissed. (As much as tea mucus-plugs want to ignore the rest of the planet, it does exist.)

On the immediate micro end, at least from our national perspective, if we cut off the blood flowing to the muscle of the economy to the tune of 40 percent, markets in this country won't be able to sustain the blow either. It's the equivalent of curing a low grade fever by throwing yourself into the Bering Sea in December. Your heart stops.

No matter, our governor does what he always does: he lets logic glaze right off of him like motor oil sliding off a block of ice. And he starts spewing his dog vomit talking points, the same dog vomit he has been spewing in his campaigns against Bill McCollum and Alex Sink.

You know, go through the budget line by line. Stop spending, and fire some people.

Okay? You've borrowed money from the mafia and you've already spent it. Now the mafia is coming around to your business looking for the cash and the vig. What do you do?

You tell the wife "no Red Lobster tonight honey" and then you close the restaurant for the day until you do a complete self audit on all your expenses.

His arguments aren't even that good. We are making him sound more intelligent than he actually is.

It is clear to us now, Rick Scott is a puppet of the Koch Taliban: those people who are enemies of this country, who are bound and determined to crash the economy, and drag us into world-wide global military conflict.

They are all around us these days. They multiply like arm-gnawing zombies and they have taken over the government.

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