Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bush's End-Run? Well, Florida's a lock so why not?

In case you missed Rachel Maddow's show last night she did a wonderfully informative piece on the possibility of a Jeb Bush run for the White House, via electronic write in. Watch and then return to us for a renewed discussion on our crappy, riggable election systems here in Florida.

On-line voting, on-line primary, on-line candidate hatched through a process that isn't audited, isn't public, for all anyone knows the result of a thousand people employed by Rick Scott and the Koch's sitting in a room mashing vote buttons over and over . Oh, and in all 50 states.

And what state better for such a machine hatched fake candidate to steal the electoral votes than here in Florida with 29 up for grabs in a truly swing state! A state that has Rick Scott for governor, in control of Kurt Browning who is in control of the rigged elections!

Wowsers! What a deal? And Florida? Yep. That's Bush territory.

But Bush isn't running. No. He just has several former strategy people well placed within Team Rick Scott, Team Rick Perry and elsewhere.

Now call me crazy again. Tell me our democracy isn't in danger. Tell me you feel safe relying on systems which glitched 38,000 votes in Hillsborough County and gave us Rick Scott.

Here's the link for Americans Elect.

See my previous stories concerning Florida' rigged election systems by typing in "rigged elections" in the search box.

Or download my book Rick Scott: Enemy of the State using the link provided in this sentence.

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