Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BS Explanations of a Hacked Vote Caught on Film

I have to say Mr. Abercrombe seems nervous as hell. Maybe it was just in that film.(See here for a better view) And what is the deal with this situation? Here we see the ballots being hauled into the elections office out of the back of someone's car? Not county vehicles? In an interview with Earl Lennard, he mentioned a county truck that had a tire flat. (He also said all of this happened during the primary and not the general election between Scott and Sink).

Again, Abercrombie repeats precisely the same line, and does so nervously.

Five early voting places across most of north and west Tampa. They discovered the problem late in the day. They drove the ballots to be rescanned to the Falkenbrug Road location. If as they said in one article, there were 15 workers rescanning 38,000 ballots throughout the night, that means each would be expected to handle 2,550 some odd ballots. Assuming 5 seconds for each ballot to run through the machine, that's four hours, accounting for each worker with a break for the bathroom.

If they "discovered" the problem at 10:30 p.m. assume an hour to drive the "voted ballots" to the office. This exercise was nearly over by 1 a.m. or shortly after according to some press reports.

The math on this likely doesn't wash.

End result? No recount, and we ended up with Rick Scott as our governor.

Update: More hink from the Scott election in Pinellas County. Check the guy grabbing the ballots and stuffing them into a box on the back of his truck! Nothing sketchy there!

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